technical support

september 10, 2015 | The new system for AMAG Rolling been tested by the customer.
july 31, 2015 | The customer was given a new component OD (Order Dressing). Commissioning should be given as soon as possible.
january 24, 2013 | Currently we are expanding AMP, where call center will be integrated into the system.

IT Outsourcing

We are happy to provide outsourcing of IT workers and services as you wish and require. The cooperation range can vary from a short-term help when realizing one project to the design of an independent department with its own infrastructure   and management. You can choose the staff both from our employees and from external candidates who we are glad to find for you. We also employ them and provide appropriate environment and equipment for them. (This form of cooperation might be interesting especially for foreign companies which do not have the possibility to find appropriate capacities at the site of their action and at the same time they do not want to set up their own subsidiary in the Czech republic.)   You decide on the level and form of cooperation.

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