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september 10, 2015 | The new system for AMAG Rolling been tested by the customer.
july 31, 2015 | The customer was given a new component OD (Order Dressing). Commissioning should be given as soon as possible.
january 24, 2013 | Currently we are expanding AMP, where call center will be integrated into the system.

Information system development

Our work focuses on the development of information systems especially in the production planning and control area. Currently MES system and AMP is developed, as described below.

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)

These systems operate on standardization, monitoring and optimalization of production, capacity of production, sources and warehouses. We design systems supporting long-term and short-term planning, monitoring of processing of production orders, material flows, calculation and cost analysis, quality control and evaluation  and production rate.

Our company offers the possibility of integrating with CRM (Customer relationship management) systems or completing new elements, link to sources of production data and others, and cooperation when integrating into extensive ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systems.

We are ready to interconnect and extend the systems. We are able to develop and integrate modules from other IT branches, especially those included in the ERP system category.

Video demonstration

We have prepared a video demonstration that shows how to work with the system and what techniques to use.
Online presentation.
Offline presentation(24MB).


Demo of the MES system (online).
Use the following information to log in.

Username: demo
Password: demo

AMP ( Advanced Meeting Planner )

AMP is a system for small and medium call centers, active and passive telemarketing. It allows efficient synchronization of meetings between operators, clients and advisors. It also includes detailed statistics for managers with an overview of meetings, products sold, clients, efficiency, operators etc.
The application runs in a web browser, so it is accessible from anywhere without installation. It is programmed in Java and uses a MySQL database. Security is ensured by an encrypted https.
System can be adjusted according to the customer requirements.

More informations and price list.


Try the demo AMP.
Use the following information to log in.

Username: admin
Password: admin

Advisor manager
Username: wolery
Password: wolery

Username: cully
Password: cully

Operator manager
Username: dubbs
Password: dubbs

Username: jones
Password: jones

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