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september 10, 2015 | The new system for AMAG Rolling been tested by the customer.
july 31, 2015 | The customer was given a new component OD (Order Dressing). Commissioning should be given as soon as possible.
january 24, 2013 | Currently we are expanding AMP, where call center will be integrated into the system.

About our company

The Company Dataobjects was set up in  2007 as an external development centre to design new modules of IS production planning and control (MES, ERP). The establishment of our company resulted from the previous long-term cooperation. We are the integral part of an international development team.   

Our employees have much experience with work on big projects all over the world.
We use modern and robust technology.

We are used to improving ourselves and to looking for new ways all the time.

The services in the development division, customization and IS maintenance are the core of our activities. 

We are ready to design the information system bespoke for you, or by means of existing standardized components. We are able to adjust and supply present systems, provide their maintenance, administration and mutual integration. We also offer consulting, advisory services and analyses.

We are happy to provide outsourcing of IT workers and services including short-term help and design of an independent department with its own infrastructure and leading exactly as you wish and require. You choose the level and form of cooperation.

Our credo is frankness, reliability, flexibility and a well done job.

We always try to conform to your needs and to meet your wishes at the most.

Setting up our company was our customers‘ wish.

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