technische Kundenbetreuung

10.september 2015 | Das neue System für die AMAG rolling vom Kunden getestet.
31.july 2015 | Der Kunde wurde eine neue Komponente OD (Order Dressing) angegeben. Inbetriebnahme sollte so schnell wie möglich gegeben werden.
24.january 2013 | Currently we are expanding AMP, where call center will be integrated into the system.

Versuchen AMP - Advanced Meeting Planner

5.march 2010

AMP demo - Advanced Meeting Planner verzion 2010-02-22 was installed on our server. AMP is a system for small and medium call centers, active and passive telemarketing. Allows efficient synchronization of meetings between operators, clients and advisors. It also includes detailed statistics for managers with an overview of meetings, products sold, clients, efficiency, operators etc.
System can be adjusted according to the customer requirements.

More informations and price list..


Try the demo AMP.
Use the following information to log in.

Username: admin
Password: admin

Advisor manager
Username: wolery
Password: wolery

Username: cully
Password: cully

Operator manager
Username: dubbs
Password: dubbs

Username: jones
Password: jones

Note: original data are recorded back on the demo database every night.

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