technische Kundenbetreuung

10.september 2015 | Das neue System für die AMAG rolling vom Kunden getestet.
31.july 2015 | Der Kunde wurde eine neue Komponente OD (Order Dressing) angegeben. Inbetriebnahme sollte so schnell wie möglich gegeben werden.
24.january 2013 | Currently we are expanding AMP, where call center will be integrated into the system.

MES system

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)is a modular information system for production planning. MES is a comprehensive solution for companies dealing with standard or custom production. The system allows management of orders, production planning, flexibly respond to customer changes and at low cost and minimal user input.

Video demonstration

We have prepared a video demonstration that shows how to work with the system and what techniques to use.
Online presentation.
Offline presentation(24MB).

Modules of the system

  1. Orders
  2. Products
  3. Warehouses / materials
  4. Companies
  5. Production


Demo of the MES system (online).
Use the following information to log in.

Username: demo
Password: demo


If you are interested in MES system and also interested in the possibility of using of this system in your company then do not hesitate to contact us.

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